2014 Oscar Bingo Cards

It's that time of year again...the time when I make more super impractical Oscar bingo cards!

I played last year with these bad boys and it was really quite the hoot. I even remember someone actually winning. It's always good when stuff actually works, am I right? This year I had to make nine boards because there were freaking nine best picture nominees (cool story, Academy). So I guess you can play with at most eight of your friends. If you have more than 8 friends, sorry? (But not that sorry because you have eight friends!)

Anyway, here they are. Go crazy.

- Jenny


  1. These are gold!! Jenny thank you so much, now I just need friends. haha

  2. There needs to be an easy "Thumbs Up" icon like on facebook, for me to lazily demonstrate my approval. Let these words suffice in it's place.

  3. any chances of doing these this year? xDDD