Spring Uniform I

The weather is getting warm so fast, and I need to catch up on my spring shopping! To simplify the process, I've been loving the idea of developing a few different "uniforms" for the season to guide my wardrobe choices.

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The shapes and proportions here are nothing new, but I'm craving some light airy neutrals for spring, in a very low-contrast look. I added a ton—a TON—of black to my wardrobe this past winter, and gray is giving me such a nice fresh feeling! Also, pale pink is my color for this year (even though Pantone says otherwise), mostly because I can't stop loving it. So obviously, those pinkish gray glasses and satin pink loafers are killing me. I also want to never have to "define my waist" again, so tops that flare out at the armpits are the best thing ever. I'm hoping I can actually find a few different pieces for each of these, so I can realize my uniform dreams.

What do you think? Ever tried dressing in a seasonal uniform before? Any advice for me?

Spring Uniform II coming soon!

<3 Analisa


  1. I agree that I never want to have to "define my waist" EVER AGAIN!