Spring Uniform I

The weather is getting warm so fast, and I need to catch up on my spring shopping! To simplify the process, I've been loving the idea of developing a few different "uniforms" for the season to guide my wardrobe choices.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

The shapes and proportions here are nothing new, but I'm craving some light airy neutrals for spring, in a very low-contrast look. I added a ton—a TON—of black to my wardrobe this past winter, and gray is giving me such a nice fresh feeling! Also, pale pink is my color for this year (even though Pantone says otherwise), mostly because I can't stop loving it. So obviously, those pinkish gray glasses and satin pink loafers are killing me. I also want to never have to "define my waist" again, so tops that flare out at the armpits are the best thing ever. I'm hoping I can actually find a few different pieces for each of these, so I can realize my uniform dreams.

What do you think? Ever tried dressing in a seasonal uniform before? Any advice for me?

Spring Uniform II coming soon!

<3 Analisa

couches suited for semi-adulthood

I recently moved into an apartment where I am in charge of a bedroom, bathroom, AND a living room! This new phase of semi-adulthood (a living room is a big deal, right?) is really making me want to buy a couch with sleeper capabilities so I can have people sleep over and share my fun space. The second time I lived in New York I slept for several months on my friend's fold-out love seat (it was actually comfy and I only smashed her laptop once when I was putting the bed back together and didn't know it was underneath) and I would love to have something like that for visitors at my place. So I've been doing a little research. Do any of you have a recommendation for a comfy sleeper sofa that is a little more modern than the springs in the make-out bed (my mom's name for a sleeper sofa) in my parent's basement?
1. One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa
2. Ava Velvet Tufted Sleeper Sofa
3. Solsta Sleeper Bed

Actually, never mind. I just found this Buzzfeed article and will now be saving for an extra-deep couch and several ottomans. :)

- with love from Ashley -


I'm always on the hunt to find the perfect soft, slouchy tee. I want one that hangs just right and doesn't show off my stomach. I also want one that comes low and covers my rear for those days I don't want too much attention back there either.  Lately I've been seeing a lot of stuff about Pickwick and Weller. It seems like they want to make the perfect tee almost as much as I want to wear one.  I checked them out and have a few I'm taking into consideration.



What do you think? Have you found any t-shirts you love? Any recommendations? You know I'd love to hear them!!!


Corn dogs for friends

I took Kid President's advice when I was making my Valentines this year. Thanks Kid President. 

I couldn't figure out how attach a real corn dog to the card and have it not be disgusting so I printed tiny corn dogs on temporary tattoo paper and scrapbooked them onto the cards. I know, it's classy. If you care to make your own, download a pdf here. Or you could chat this gif in an iMessage because I think getting a gif in a chat is hilarious every time. 

- with love from Ashley -


If you guys are here for the Downton Abbey Valentines- Congrats, you've come to the right place! Just follow the link.

If you've already seen that and just want some outfit advice, Congrats again, that's what this post is all about! Some days picking out an outfit is the HARDEST thing in the world for me! (Wow that was a gross overstatement, but I'm going to leave it there anyway.) On days when picking out clothing is supposed to be fun and festive I feel too much pressure and I feel like my style just falls apart. I'm pretty sure on the 14th of February I will go through a semi existential crisis when I have to get dressed to impress. In an attempt to help get through this impending clothing anxiety I've put together a sample of what I would love to wear this Valentines day (Maybe? In theory? We'll see.) One outfit for a casual evening and one for a fancy night out.

What do you guys think? Not festive enough? Too festive? (Yeah right on that last one) I guarantee you I won't have these exact pieces because mama's got a tighter budget than her imagination, but hopefully I'll come up with something along these lines. That is unless Jeremy and I celebrate by eating pizza and wearing pajamas like we do most other nights, which I'm definitely (probably) not mad about.

Happy Valentines Day WHATEVER you wear! 
XO Eleanor

Downton Abbey Valentine Printable

Oh hey! If you're looking for the printable version of my Downton Abbey Valentines you are in the right place. (If you just want to browse the originals, you can check them out over here.)

You can click to enlarge the image or see the link at the bottom of the post for a pdf. Print on 8.5"x11" and cut according to the trim marks. Then get some delicious candy (like Reeses or something you know for sure that they liked back then) and attach it to the back of your Valentine. Because people don't really like Valentines unless they have candy attached to the back…

Download PDF here. (It will look crappy in your browser but if you download it and open it, it should be fine.) Enjoy!

[All images from pbs.org]

- Jenny