Nike Fleece Tech Cape

I'm pretty sure that working out is at least 5x easier if you look cute. I am absolutely certain that staying at home watching Netflix is at least 10x easier than working out. Via the transitive property you can see that you probably need a functional hoodie that can fill the need whether you're lounging or lunging. Enter the Nike Fleece Tech Cape. 

I have been obsessed with this beaut of a hoodie since the day I saw it. Of course I became even more obsessed when these unreal gorgeous images surfaced from the photoshoot with Ms. Maria Sharapova. (More like Share-your-cape..pova?... forget it.) I have come up with four talking points to convince everyone to buy this cape. 1- It has a HOOD. For someone who went to the gym tonight in what can only be described as 'sleeting sky spit', I would have benefitted from this cute black-piped spacious hood. 2- Pockets,yo! (Also, I can only assume you also start buying fancy watches when you procure one of these beautiful fleece capes. Either that, or it comes with purchase?) 3- You will probably have really beautiful highlights and never-ending good hair days. 4- You will always always look good when flying via private jet. Always.

Let's not forget that this thing covers your toosh too. So again, works at the gym or with Ben and/or Jerry. I really see no cons other than it's impossible to find and is sold out everywhere always...



Luti ceramics

I recently had the opportunity to design a logo for Luti Ceramics. It was a super fun project and she makes super fun stuff. If you are in the Salt Lake City area you should check out the ceramics she has for sale at Mod a-go-go.

- with love from Ashley -

2014 Oscar Bingo Cards

It's that time of year again...the time when I make more super impractical Oscar bingo cards!

I played last year with these bad boys and it was really quite the hoot. I even remember someone actually winning. It's always good when stuff actually works, am I right? This year I had to make nine boards because there were freaking nine best picture nominees (cool story, Academy). So I guess you can play with at most eight of your friends. If you have more than 8 friends, sorry? (But not that sorry because you have eight friends!)

Anyway, here they are. Go crazy.

- Jenny