Dudes need help figuring out what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner too, right?  I took comfort heavily into consideration while I tried to ride the thin line between classy and comfy. What shoes to wear? Allen Edmonds? Nope, too constricting...let's go with cloud-like Clarks. Should I add a belt? On Thanksgiving? That would be torture. These were my thoughts! And remember as soon as you get home I advocate sweat pants, or sweat shorts (it's your call,) while you cozy up and watch any one of these and eat left-over pie. (I personally prefer to watch Made for TV Christmas Movies, but I'm not gonna force those on you)

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Seriously guys. I think it's going to be a great outfit for a great day. Put on your cozy socks, and pack in some rolls. It's going to be a great Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving style

Okay. Not gonna lie. I 100% wanted to do a style post about what to wear Thanksgiving morning. It would have included a flannel pajama set, fuzzy socks from the gods, a remote control and like a cinnamon roll or five. But I'll be more helpful than that. Here are my thoughts on my ideal Thanksgiving dinner ensemble.

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I am a huge fan of wearing a dress but keeping it casj (that's short for casual). I love this little black number from Zara. If you want to belt it, go with a stretchy belt that won't bind (see: pie).

I like to have a sweater in case I get chilly and tights to add a pop of color. Stay away from heels unless you want to be uber fancy-fance and/or totally uncomfortable all day. A small clutch is great in case you want to touch up your make-up or sneak rolls for later. And if you want to be fancier than me, you can jazz this simple look up with a sparkly ring or necklace. 

And if you want to be just as fancy as me, you can stay in your pjs all day.


We all know that Thanksgiving is all about showing gratitude, but sometimes it seems like an afterthought with all of the kitchen prep, table setting, etc... We created two downloadables to put showing and sharing gratitude on top of the dinner to do list.   Our first downloadable is for people who feel comfortable asking their friends and family to write down a quick list of what they're grateful for before they serve up their meal. Better for dinner guests who are a little older and with a bit more patience.  Download Here

(Please forgive the pictures...they were taken with a phone. The epitome of class.)
We decided to print this list on Kraft Paper to add a little more texture and color to the place setting. 
The downloadable is set up so you can print 3 lists per page. They come with cutting guides that you can either use a ruler and a blade (like the box cutter pictured) or trace a line from guide to guide and cut with scissors. (No I would never use a blade on my table... it was just prettier than my cutting mat)


Our second downloadable is a little bit simpler and a little more decorative.  This option cuts to the chase with room to express gratitude for one thing.  The beauty of this option is that PROBABLY someone will say that they are grateful for YOU and then you can keep this as a memento. Put it on the fridge, put it in your office, put it anywhere. Just keep it safe from gravy so it can stay display worthy. Download here in gray, orange, & pink.

I chose gray for this table setting to keep this simple and sophisticated. 
The other option is to print this out and send it to a friend, family member, or just someone who should know that you appreciate them. It's Thanksgiving and we all should take a little time to let people know just how grateful we are to have them around.

Remember that promise you made to not judge the phone pictures? I'm thankful for that. 


Honestly I think hosting Thanksgiving is one of the most overwhelming ideas ever. But I can't deny that I love looking at gorgeous pictures of table settings and (obviously) drooling over photos of food...especially pie. So while this blogpost will feature absolutely nothing that will be on my actually table this Thanksgiving it is going to feature links to the beautiful things I WISH would be.