thanksgiving style

Okay. Not gonna lie. I 100% wanted to do a style post about what to wear Thanksgiving morning. It would have included a flannel pajama set, fuzzy socks from the gods, a remote control and like a cinnamon roll or five. But I'll be more helpful than that. Here are my thoughts on my ideal Thanksgiving dinner ensemble.

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I am a huge fan of wearing a dress but keeping it casj (that's short for casual). I love this little black number from Zara. If you want to belt it, go with a stretchy belt that won't bind (see: pie).

I like to have a sweater in case I get chilly and tights to add a pop of color. Stay away from heels unless you want to be uber fancy-fance and/or totally uncomfortable all day. A small clutch is great in case you want to touch up your make-up or sneak rolls for later. And if you want to be fancier than me, you can jazz this simple look up with a sparkly ring or necklace. 

And if you want to be just as fancy as me, you can stay in your pjs all day.


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