Danny Dino

I recently visited The Utah Museum of Natural History. My favorite FAVORITE part was the wall of dinosaur skulls:

Since then, I've been obsessing about how cool a wall like that would look at my house. I have been searching the internet for some tutorials on how to make a paper mache dino skull. I was expecting a tutorial for something as epic as the life-size Danny Dino head Gus made in elementary school on the Psych episode 65 Million Years Off:

But I couldn't find anything. I found this super rad pic of a cardboard dino head:

 and this other amazing pic of a cardboard dino head:

Both of which I LOVE, but they are not skulls. But then today, after several weeks of periodic failed attempts, I finally Googled the correct words and found a real paper mache dino skull tutorial!! 

It is pretty technical and may be beyond my abilities to create but hey, I found a tutorial! And someday I might actually make it. And I will have the coolest TV room of all time. 

~with love from Ashley~

Sneak Peek

You guys have heard me talk about my good friend and great photographer Jessica Peterson on here before.  I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot with her and a couple of other really great vendors for a Scenemaker wedding shoot. I don't have real images to share here yet but I'm excited to share a few quick iPhone photos of how fun this was.   I will make sure and share the details when Jessicas beautiful photos are available. 

Guys.  I feel pretty lame about putting that last selfie in there, but probably the hair Soula did is probably the fanciest my hair will ever be. WHOOPS!

XO Eleanor


The only thing I care about right now is cookies. I am a sucker for homemade cookies. So today I'm going to post a bunch of beautiful looking cookie photo/recipes (none of which belong to me). Then I'm going to eat a cookie. Maybe this weekend I will try one of these recipes. If you try any of these, let me know how it goes. Or better yet, please bring me one!

Hot Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich.

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Ombre Candy-Dipped Cookies

Root Beer Float Cookies

Aaaaaaand this, which is not a cookie, but too beautiful not to post and too fancy for me to ever make:

-with love from Ashley-