Danny Dino

I recently visited The Utah Museum of Natural History. My favorite FAVORITE part was the wall of dinosaur skulls:

Since then, I've been obsessing about how cool a wall like that would look at my house. I have been searching the internet for some tutorials on how to make a paper mache dino skull. I was expecting a tutorial for something as epic as the life-size Danny Dino head Gus made in elementary school on the Psych episode 65 Million Years Off:

But I couldn't find anything. I found this super rad pic of a cardboard dino head:

 and this other amazing pic of a cardboard dino head:

Both of which I LOVE, but they are not skulls. But then today, after several weeks of periodic failed attempts, I finally Googled the correct words and found a real paper mache dino skull tutorial!! 

It is pretty technical and may be beyond my abilities to create but hey, I found a tutorial! And someday I might actually make it. And I will have the coolest TV room of all time. 

~with love from Ashley~


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