Our second downloadable is a little bit simpler and a little more decorative.  This option cuts to the chase with room to express gratitude for one thing.  The beauty of this option is that PROBABLY someone will say that they are grateful for YOU and then you can keep this as a memento. Put it on the fridge, put it in your office, put it anywhere. Just keep it safe from gravy so it can stay display worthy. Download here in gray, orange, & pink.

I chose gray for this table setting to keep this simple and sophisticated. 
The other option is to print this out and send it to a friend, family member, or just someone who should know that you appreciate them. It's Thanksgiving and we all should take a little time to let people know just how grateful we are to have them around.

Remember that promise you made to not judge the phone pictures? I'm thankful for that. 


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