L.R. Johnson Cabinet

I'm absolutely obsessed with the new mantle on my fireplace. It's everyone's favorite part of my house. 
A dishwasher was a must have item for me, but my house didn't have one...So I made Larry do some magic and voila, he made room for the most important appliance I own.
This bedroom only had storage under the basement stairs which I thought was creepy. I asked Larry to make me something beautiful and functional but fit the simplicity of the house. This is what he came up with and I'm obsessed.
I am IN LOVE with Larry's handmade wooden bowls. I want to buy every single thing he makes so I'm questioning sharing this picture a little bit. If you buy that vase in the bottom right corner before I can I'll probably fight you. 

A lot has changed since we posted last! Everyone around here has busy lives! New homes, new babies, new jobs! I bought a new home last year and I've been working hard to try to customize my house. You know, take it from 'a house' to 'my home.'
Finding contractors can be the worst part of getting work done in your house. Just needing to know whether someone will be reliable, knowing if they will come on time, get work done when they say they will, whether they can see your vision and whether execute the way you want. I was lucky enough to have a carpenter (or you could say cabinet maker) who had already worked with a lot of friends and family members in Utah who was recommended to me. He had done custom kitchen work in my sisters' homes and had done a gorgeous mantle and staircase in my oldest sister's house so I felt really confident hiring him to do work on my kitchen, build custom built in storage, and build a mantle for my home. And he makes gorgeous hand-turned wood burl bowls and vessels too which I'm obsessed with. I want a million of them to turn into family heirloom pieces.
After he finished his projects around my house I decided I needed to design him a site so more people could know about this old school gem! The people need to know! Good help and quality work can be hard to find but if you are near the Utah or Davis County area this is a good option for you.
If you need pre-made or custom woodworking or cabinetry in Utah you need to know about lrjohnsoncabinet.com. Please do yourself a favor and check it out :)

P.S. This blog is obviously too small for sponsors, but I do feel the need to tell you all of my swoonings were definitely not sponsored. They are just because Larry Johnson is the cutest and best contractor I could have asked for. He and his brother Max ate bologna sandwiches in my basement and told me jokes on their break and gave me beautiful additions to my home and I'm their biggest fan now.

XOXO Eleanor


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