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Since it's the eve of my birthday I thought I'd post about all the cool things I'd want to be gifted if rich people wanted to buy me things. I imagined it being so fun in my head but it was actually quite depressing. For 3 reasons: a) I know I will never have such nice things. 2) "Sweatpants are all that fit me right now" and d) See a and 2. I digress. I thought instead I would inform our 3 readers of all the super fly people that share my special day. These aren't in any particular order, although Tom Selleck being in the one-spot is most definitely intentional.

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1. Tom Selleck. What a babe. In his prime? Babe. In his post-prime? Old babe. He's had my heart ever since TMAALL. Also, Selleck Waterfall Sandwich is probably the reason man created internet. What a treat sharing bd's with this guy and his 'stache.

2. Andrew Keegan. AKA: The Keegster. Whether you loved eyeing his dark locks that graced the pages of your J-14 magazine or seeing him break Stephanie Tanner's heart on Full House, there was no denying it--he was a born talent. Sure, he's no Devin Sawa...but those pensive black and white head shots from 10 Things I Hate About You? Please... too good!

3. Kelly Packard. Besides starring in the best Saturday morning show with the best theme song of all time, she also appeared in Step by Step, Blossom, and Boy Meets World. I'll let that theme song do it's thing. No more comments are necessary.

4. Me. I like an excuse to pull out that 4th bday pic of mine any chance I get. I think my mom totally captured how I was really feeling about turning four...

5. Oprah! I secretly always hoped she'd have a birthday show and you had to like, have her birthday to be able to sit in the audience...and they'd like card you and stuff upon entry but I'd be super calm like, "No, I'm good. See? January 29!" And then they'd give awesome birthday gifts of O's favorite things. Like Anthropologie and Cafe Rio gift cards...

6. William McKinley. Our 25th President and fun fact: I am related to him. If you know nothing else about him, know that.

I'd like to congratulate you for getting this far, and I just wanna say hbd to all my birthday twins (or whatever it's called when a million people share your birthday).

- Jenny -


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