Gift Guide for Kids

I have an active, creative toddler who loves his playtime like nobody's business. I've been dying to get him some of these gorgeous toys, and Christmas might be the perfect excuse!

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I can see my son spending hours with this Cubebot. He loves solving puzzles and making toys run, dance and talk. The Early Rider and tumbling crocodile are SO CUTE, and are great ways to encourage the expulsion of energy. My son's newest obsession is painting and drawing, so I try to find news way to help him create. The Kid Robot DIY toy and the Wee Gallery activity books can spark his imagination, and the chalkboard easel gives him a constant base for creative release.

It's always such a fun guessing game to see what toys and activities kids will latch onto next, and I can't wait to see what my little guy thinks of his presents this Christmas. I wish I could buy them all! Shopping for kids is THE BEST.


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